Rx so far

This page links through to the main content of Etheldreda.net, a collection of what I call ‘Rx’ – click here for an explanation. Basically these are short blog-like posts (or expositions/reflections) on Bible texts. Each takes less than 5 minutes to read, even at an appropriately slow pace… plus any thinking, reflecting, prayer or further study time it might stimulate!

Note: Pressing the ‘Pick one’ button above leads through to a complete list of the Rx prepared so far, presented in Bible book order. You can scroll up and down to pick one that you would like to read, then click on the Bible text/reference to access it. However, another feature is that each time you press ‘Pick one’ (or ‘Pick another’ at the bottom of each Rx), you are presented with a different ‘randomly’ selected starting point in the sequence, which might be helpful. [Note also, unless otherwise stated, all Bible quotes are in italics and from the WEB translation (see the Home/About page footnotes for further details).]