Legal blurb would rather such a page were not necessary, and that web pages could simply be put up for anyone who’s interested, to read and use. It’s how started in 2009. However, apparently such a page is now advisable, so being careful here it is, and a bit more…

General terms and conditions is provided freely and in good faith, but the following needs to be said, with all that’s below and everything else on or associated with this website in mind. does not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any material on or from this website (on this page or anywhere else) – it is nevertheless prepared with great care and attention. Moreover, shall not be liable for any direct or indirect consequence of any kind resulting from visitors’ access to or use of this website, or any material on or from it, under any theory of liability… of this world… or, by the grace of God, any other. For the latter, Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be – and likewise for any good that might do, either directly or indirectly (let’s be positive!): Soli Deo Gloria. If you continue to use this website (and please do – its aim is for the good; don’t be put off by this unpalatable legal page, which as you can see I’ve tried to improve with some flavouring) you visit it at your own risk, and accept these terms and conditions.

Security, privacy and cookies etc.

In view of GDPR etc., and partly to avoid having an ugly, distracting pop-up notice about cookies, etc., has decided to be a cookie free website, and tries to avoid collecting or passing on any information about visitors. Some information (i.e. the IP address assigned to your device at the time of your visit) is unavoidably logged on the servers of’s hosting provider when you visit this website (see paragraph below for more on the hosting provider). Under some circumstances such information can be regarded as personal information, if for example it’s processed with other information that makes it so. Neither nor the hosting provider process this information in any way that could make it personally identifiable, and it’s only used for things like monitoring and ensuring the proper and optimal functioning of services and security. Such data would only be transferred externally if law enforcement required it.

Regarding security, operates using a secure https rather than http connection (see url above). This is probably above and beyond what’s necessary for such a site, which does not require inputting of any personal data or the use of shopping carts and the like. However, it’s used to indicate that takes such things seriously. Moreover, this website is housed on the European servers of a major reputable US based international hosting provider that’s GDPR compliant and a member of the EU-US privacy shield framework. In addition to that, security software has been installed that, amongst other things, scans the website daily for malware etc., and helps to ensure that the core software underlying the site is the latest version with any necessary updates and patches applied.

However, despite making every effort, it’s impossible to give any guarantees… ‘we made our prayer to God, and set a watch’(Nehemiah 4:9) is inclined to think that no scripture, translation of scripture, or teaching derived from scripture should be owned by anyone except God, and that it’s not helpful to unnecessarily hinder the spread of Biblical teaching by permissions requirements or restrictions. Scripture is the free gift of God, as is our ability to understand it, so it would seem appropriate to allow others to pass on what God has given to us, without unnecessarily expecting recognition for ourselves, even payment, in return.

So, in your service of God, please feel free to use any material on as you see fit. I would feel blessed if anyone regarded my work as worthy of repetition. You don’t have to cite as your source, unless you think it right and appropriate to do so in your particular situation. Then please do so in a way that suits your material’s format, making it clear how you’ve used it (e.g. source of ideas, quote, etc.).

BUT, in the case that any derivative work were to claim copyright infringement against, careful records are kept regarding dates of internet publishing to defend’s primacy and Copyright © in that situation. All rights reserved.

EXCEPTIONS: the Ely fen rose photograph favicon/logo is copyright © 2009 by the author of (including the subsequent close up then zoomed in to the centre versions, and any other derivative versions), and must not be used except in the context of material exclusively from Likewise the banner image of Lindisfarne Priory is copyright © 2017 by the author of If you’re making a direct copy of a page, then please feel free to include these as they appear on the page. Finally, the website design and coding etc., is copyright © 2018-date by and its associated website developer. All rights reserved. quotes from the World English Bible (WEB) 2009ff., unless otherwise stated. The WEB has a similar copyright ethos to – see their WEBsite. It’s a fairly literal translation, following the King James Version, through the American Standard Version, to this modern English WEB version – a well named endeavour, seeking to make freely available a sound modern English translation to use and spread in the internet age, without copyright restrictions. See the Home/About page footnotes for further details.

p.s. Often Bible translators (or at least the publishers of Bibles) and sometimes other Christian organisations and writers suggest that the copyright and royalty system is necessary to fund such work. This doesn’t seem an appropriate funding mechanism to me, since it results in ownership and control of God’s word and teaching derived from it, which is surely not the way it should be. believes that such work is best funded in the same way other Christian work is funded, through charitable giving and ‘tent making’ – is a ‘tent made’ endeavour. links to some websites/publications that don’t subscribe to a similar copyright ethos, but despite this fact their usefulness justifies promoting their existence.

Likewise, does not necessarily subscribe to all of the views expressed in/on the publications/websites to which it links, but where a link seems useful/appropriate it’s been included.

Similarly, is not responsible for and provides no guarantees regarding the content or anything else associated with such links provided, and they will have their own policies. Nevertheless, again in good faith, it provides no links to websites that I have any reason to believe might be unsafe to click on.

The end of the matter

With the above statements I’ve tried to cover all of the issues currently deemed appropriate for such a page. If it’s helpful, I suppose as with anything else on this website, please feel free to use or adapt and improve it for your own purposes (see above), but note it does not constitute legal or tech advice, which are not my expertise. Anything on this page, as with more generally, might be unintentionally inaccurate or inadequate, either now or in the future, and will be corrected/updated if found to be so (as above, this website is offered and operated in good faith).

Now, if you haven’t done so already, please proceed to something that’s hopefully more edifying…