New website design

From today has a new website design – here it is! I hope this new design will be welcomed by anyone who finds the website helpful. The new features include:-

– This ‘New’ section (explained at the top of the page) [changed to be called ‘Blog’ in July 2019],
An improved visual appearance yet retaining elements of the original website’s look,
Responsiveness for mobiles/tablets etc. (making it easier to read on such devices),
– An associated Twitter account, @etheldredanet,
search feature,
– The
Bible texts index now presents a ‘random’ starting point, accessed via a new ‘Rx so far’ page,
Enhanced security (https rather than http, and more).

You will see from the historical record posted below that the current rate of progress is roughly one new Rx every two months. The plan is for this rate of progress to continue until 2020, by which time there will be an Rx on one verse from every book of the Bible. During that time I will be working on another project mainly.

From 2020 onwards the plan is to concentrate more on, increasing the rate of new Rx to one or two per month, God willing.

Whenever a new Rx is ready to view I will post a notice here, likewise whenever any significant changes have been made, and which pages have changed.

Note: to browse through a complete list of posts prepared so far, in Bible book order (otherwise accessible via the ‘Rx so far’ navigation above), click on the ‘Pick another’ button below, which will lead to one randomly highlighted in the list:-